Air conditioning repairs, Marietta, GA

Did Your AC Break in the Middle of the Night?

Call for air conditioning repairs and service in Marietta or Smyrna, GA

Your AC is broken, and you don’t know why. Don’t sit in the hot Georgia heat – call Brucker HVAC for prompt and professional AC repair services in Marietta or Smyrna, GA. We can find a solution to your AC issues. Our technicians can fix any AC model, from older units to new ones. We’ll also find out what’s wrong with your AC, whether it’s a mechanical issue or simply a dirty filter. Get in touch with Brucker HVAC right now. We also offer emergency AC repair services.

We'll get to the bottom of the issue

Only a trained technician will be able to make the right recommendation for your AC unit. Brucker HVAC will quickly diagnose what's going on with your AC and find a suitable solution. Over the years, we've found solutions for the following:

  • Frozen or faulty coils
  • Faulty wiring
  • Broken or warped fans
  • Faulty thermostats
  • Restricted airflow

If your air conditioner isn't working, don't sweat it. Brucker HVAC will arrive at your property as quickly as possible to bring cooler air to your home. Get in touch with our AC repair team in Smyrna and Marietta, Georgia right now for an estimate.

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