So thankful to Brucker HVAC for their honest and honorable professional technician service. I was about to spend about $5500.00 for a new furnace and A/C unit with another company but they were not part of the Wells Fargo Home Project Program so I called Brucker HVAC and they came out. I showed them the printout of the problems the previous HVAC company found and told them the things they told me. Well the HVAC Tech took me outside and together we looked at the A/C unit. He pointed out what he saw and ran test on the compressor. It was bad and he replaced and then add so freon to the unit flip the switch and the unit began to cool. What a blessing and I am truly thankful to God for the still honest professional and honorable workers in America! Thank you Brucker for fixing my A/C and saving me from spending $5500 unnecessarily! I tell another of your great service!

Robert B Brown

Best and most friendly HVAC company around! Couldn't be more happy with the quality of service from Brucker HVAC Thank you for making my house nice and cool for the summer!

Ashley Taylor

We have used Brucker HVAC for five years now. Carl Brucker has been honest. We just recently had him replace our AC unit and Furnace as a woman I really appreciated the time he took to explain everything to me. It really helped me understand the process better. His price was very fair. When the process was finished he helped us with a way we are able to maintain our system with changing filters and maintain the condenser pump. Simple things that we can do to save money and make sure the system continues to be efficient. I really appreciated this!!!

Maureen T

Brucker installed a York heat pump for the lower level of my house right beside another heat pump that was installed for the upstairs by another company a year prior.

The work Brucker performed was leaps and bounds ahead of the other company and I have had no problems with it. I wish I could afford to have them replace the upstairs system. Their price was fair, but HVAC is an expensive undertaking no matter who you call.

Ron Wood

I called Brucker HVAC because my air flow was weak and my unit outside made a load noise. They came out and did a very through investigation and determined my condenser was broken. They gave me all the options and I decided to get a new outside unit altogether. They came out the next day and did a terrific job of installing my new unit. They also enhanced my ducking in the hot attic and made an extra return for the air flow. I have a 2750 sq ft home and now every room is cooled beyond belief. Carl and his brother (Bobby I think) walked me through the process and I agreed to replace the whole unit. WHAT A DIFFERENCE WOW!!! These guys rock and I would use and recommend them to anyone.Carl called back the next day to check and see how it was working, great customer service. This company is AWESOME. Kudos to the crew who worked at my house. Not one spec of mess anywhere. Truly a great company and these guys know their business.

Steve Miller

Bruckner HVAC has been our A/C service company now for 15 years, Bruckner a/c is always professional and accommodating
i can always count on them to get me going when i need them too.
I own 2 homes and he has taken care of them like they belong to him.
They even installed a complete new unit in one of my homes,
STRONGLY RECOMMEND BRUCKNER HVAC for all kinds of repairs and installations

Sal Gullo